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Yes, as a fragmented registry directly impacts the performance of your computer and slows it down. You can checkmark all the options; just ensure that you don’t have anything in the Recycle Bin that you may want. At times, you may find yourself stuck in the calculating window. A simple cancel and restarting would work; if not, check out different ways to sort out the issue. The tool automatically calculates how much space can be freed on the selected drive. You should probably leave your registry alone, but if you absolutely must clean it, here’s how to do so safely.

How do I clean up registry errors

It is a good idea to also reset your network configuration, which we will do in the following step. Back up your Registry and also create a System Restore Point first and THEN download this file from our servers and extract its contents. If the above-mentioned solutions failed to bring any result, you could consider resetting the Windows Updates components. This is a long a complicated process but works well when done step by step. Usually, this solution should resolve the problem with Windows Updates, no matter what, but if it doesn’t help, you might have to consider resetting your system. I hope the above registry fix has restored the missing Windows Update service to the Services console in your Windows 10/11 device.

How To Clean Registry in Windows 10 and 11

If you’d like more information on the latest Windows 10 update, the Creators Update, be sure to check out our Senior Editor Zac Bowden’s definitive review. If the rollback fails and you can boot into the OS, you can uninstall the update from inside the Settings panel.

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  • This registry cleaner is refreshingly simple; you use checkboxes to choose which types of registry entry to scan for.
  • One of the main capabilities of this tool is searching and removing errors from the Windows registry directory to increase the system’s performance.
  • This software offers many more features, which you can explore on your own or check out our guide.
  • Jv16 PowerTools’ registry Cleaner component includes a slider bar for you to decide how aggressively you want the tool to scan—safe, normal, aggressive, or The ICU Project dll on RocketDrivers very aggressive.

While simply opening and looking at the registry won’t cause any problems, editing the registry should be left strictly to the experts. Don’t change anything in the registry unless you know what you’re doing. If you need help removing malware from your computer, don’t try fiddling with settings in your registry — use a trusted malware and virus removal tool instead. The Windows registry is a database that stores the configuration settings required for your computer to work properly. It covers everything from basic boot-up functions to specific design settings. The Windows registry keeps all system and user settings in one place with a hierarchical, directory structure to help make accessing and editing registry settings more straightforward.

Why Is My Computer Taking So Long To Update? (Reasons, Fixes)

Just like before, fire up a Command Prompt window with administrative privileges. The next thing that you need to do is scan and fix corrupt system components. Corrupt system components are one of the major reasons why updates fail, so it is better to find and fix them before attempting to update again. Once the troubleshooter stops running, move on to the next step. On the Disk Cleanup tab, select Windows Update Cleanup, and then click OK. Note By default, the Windows Update Cleanup option is already selected.