Venezuela Wedding Traditions

Venezuelan wedding ceremony traditions and so are with bright colored festivities. A typical ceremony includes a large distributed of meals and presents. There is also a fun-filled reception.

After the ceremony, friends are encouraged to put on costumes or perhaps fancy dresses. Many of them use noisemakers, which can be said to carry luck to the couple.

In the reception, there is a well-known tradition known as ‘la hora loca’ or ‘crazy hour’. This is a one-hour party in which guests dance and mingle. It might include illuminate stage parts, raucous appliances, and dancers.

Another Venezuelan wedding ceremony tradition involves the surprise of Aval. The soon-to-be husband gives the new bride thirteen coins, which are what is the best free dating website meant to symbolize venezuelan brides good luck designed for the couple. These cash are also a image of the groom’s promise to supply for her.

One of the most interesting Venezuelan wedding traditions certainly is the ‘flower girl’. The blossom girl usually wears garments that are exactly like the bride’s. Her attire can vary depending on her age.

One more popular Venezuelan wedding traditions is the ‘feather charm’. Feathers are considered to be good luck icons in Venezuela.

Besides ‘la hora loca’, another well-known Venezuelan wedding party tradition is definitely the wedding favors. Guests are provided with whistles, masks, and also other items. They are simply given to make the occasion remarkable.

During the reception, many friends dress up and participate in different rituals. Some are given special face masks.

One Venezuelan tradition is to eat a massive amount rice. Grain is a symbol of fertility and is a fashionable part of a Venezuelan matrimony.

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